Dragon fruit - 2 kg pack

Rs. 700.00

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Comes in red & white flesh variety. Though in this batch we have only white flesh variety.

Juicy, mild sweet taste. Somewhat like kiwi but not exactly.

If you've had this fruit previously from local vendors and found it very bland (almost like no taste), it must be the imported Thai fruits - which undergoes 30-40 days of cold storage by the time you consume. The fruit loses sweetness after that many days. Whereas we sell fresh off the harvest.

In most cases within 24-48 hours and in some cases within 72 hours of harvest homedelivered.

Quantity: 2 kgs (equals 7-9 pieces based on fruit size).

Harvesting Dates/Delivery:

Harvesting: 21st Sept

Home Delivery: 

- 21st Sept in Mumbai region
- 22nd-23rd Sept in Metro cities (Delhi, Chenna, Kolkata, Bangalore & Hyderabad)
- 23rd-24th Sept in Rest of India


All out of Mumbai shipment via Blue Dart Domestic Priority (flight).



We accept secure online payments by credit & debit cards (Visa/Mastercard), netbanking, Payumoney wallets and the following reward cards 
We also accept Cash On Delivery for Mumbai/Navi Mumbai orders only.

Shipping Charges

Mumbai and Navi Mumbai region: Same day free shipping.
Rest of India : BlueDart shipping - 100 Rs for 2 kg pack.


Shelf Life

Approx a week at room temperature (22-25 degrees) and 15-20 days if refrigerated.


Each fruit is individually protected with thermocol-net, placed on thermocol trays, wihch is neatly cling-wrapped (food grade of course), and packed in a small carton with newspaper fillers. It ensures fruit reaches as fresh and intact at the destination and is not damaged in transit. In short I don't cut corners in packing & delivery (no chindigiri).
Some customer unwrapping pics below:

1) Tweet-pic from SC lawyer Anshul, Delhi

2) Customer image from Mr. Kris Nair
3) Customer image from Mr. Arjun, Bangalore

Source Farm

  I source this fruit directly from an orchard by the lake side, nestled amidst the pristine foothills in Lonavala-Pune stretch. (Read about this adventurous farm trip in which I even got to travel in train's motorman cabin)


(Next fruit: Seedless custard apples 0.5 kg each, deep red pomegranates 0.5 kg each and other exciting stuff)

(Previous fruit: Sold organic, naturally ripened alphonso mangoes as a trial run from my family farms. Sold out everything in 36 hours and people kept wanting more of it. Decided to go full-time. So I have a reputation to protect here people)



Min cart size: 2 kgs - Rs 700. Will contain 7-9 pieces depending on the fruit size.

Selling both white and red flesh varieties. If you prefer only one colour flesh, pick that option when you add to cart.

Due to my just-in-time and on-demand procurement, I plan to be out of stock on the second day of harvest itself. Third day max.


Bulk Orders?

Ordering 8 kgs+ for your office or friends or just for yourself (why not, it's a great fruit with tons of health benefits and I'm the last person judging here :p), write to me at suhail@getfirdos.com for a bulk discount.


About Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit belongs to the catcus species. Indigenous to Central America and widely grown in Far East tropical states like Thailand, Malaysia & Vietnam. Very few orchards in India grow it and I have figured out just one of these orchards to source from.

Deep pink/red skin with white or red fleshy pulp inside. Mild sweet taste. Somewhat like kiwi.

Medicinal Benefits

Rich in Vitamin C, various B vitamins, rich source of antioxidants & other free radicals that help fend off diseases like cancer, high amount of fiber & glucose is known to help digestion and control sugar levels for diabetes patients and much more.

More details here:

- Health with Food

- Medical Health Guide

- Life Hack

To be honest: I knew the fruit was nutritious and good for health, I just didn't know how much . So I googled it. Saw at least ten different sites and picked the ones that came off more reliable. Please don't treat above as medical/nutritional advice. I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV.


Whether you buy or not, I'd love to hear your comments, ideas for improvements, suggestions for next fruit, just about anything that you have to say about Firdos:

Write me at suhail@getfirdos.com or connect with me on twitter @getfirdos



All my fruits are delivered fresh off the vines/trees. If you find even one fruit spoiled or damaged - you have the option to get said amount refund or exchange it in part/full as you wish in case if I have stock.


Are you a farmer? Do you or your family/friends own small farm back in your village/hometown? Just a weekend hobby farmer?

All good. I want to connect with you. The whole philosophy behind Firdos is to get seasonal fresh produce from various parts of India directly to people's homes. Since I'm just starting up I can work with very small quantities. And I mean real small quantities. Only ten trees of some fruit in your backyard planted by your grandparents which you want to share with rest of us? I'll work with that too. So don't hesitate. We all start small. Call me. Let's talk.