About Us

At Firdos I source fresh fruits and farm produce straight from orchards and deliver it to your homes.

You get fresh produce with zero or as less post-harvest treatment (skin waxing, cold-storage) as possible. Farmers get more bang for their buck. Somewhere in between we get to learn more about various orchards & the fruits ecosystem (did you know the apples you consume for say 10 out of 12 months is cold-storaged for as long as upto 6 months? I'm talking of the local Himachal or Kashmiri apples, not imported varieties), the fruits that we rarely get to see in certain geographies or which are sold like gold-dust (jamuns & lychees sold per pc at Andheri/Juhu?) even though they are abundant and even wasted in regions where they are grown.

Firdos will get you the best grade, even export quality fruits (ones we just can't spot in local mkts) in common category of fruits say grapes, pomegranates, apples, custard apple etc.

Or I'll try to get you the freshest (undiluted, thick-as-gel honey straight off the beekeeper's hive?), most unique produce (seedless custard apples?), exotic or imported fruits (dragonfruits, mangosteen) which are not easily available.

Along the way we'll learn enough to find a way to disrupt Indian agri supply-chain. That's the grand blue sky vision anyway!

Big dreams, honesty in execution, help from friends, well-wishers and all you lovely customers and with some luck I think we can make it.

So here's to new beginnings.....

And here's to breaking free
Let's chase a new horizon,
Chase who we're meant to be,
Just close your eyes and listen,
'Cause love's calling you and me,
But just see a new tomorrow,
It's who it meant to be.


Are you a farmer? Do you or your family/friends own small farm back in your village/hometown? Just a weekend hobby farmer?

All good. I want to connect with you. The whole philosophy behind Firdos is to get seasonal fresh produce from various parts of India directly to people's homes. Since I'm just starting up I can work with very small quantities. And I mean real small quantities. So don't hesitate - write to me. Let's talk.

~ Suhail Kazi | @getfirdos | @kazisuhail | suhail@getfirdos.com