Hello World! Posted on 17 Aug 04:05

At Firdos I source fresh fruits and farm produce straight from orchards and deliver it to your homes. Launching it with the gorgeous looking dragon fruit!

You get fresh produce with as less post-harvest treatment (skin waxing, cold-storage) as possible. Farmers get more bang for their buck. Somewhere in between I get to visit villages & farms all over India, learn more about farmers and the food we eat, bring to you the best, most unique produce, build this company and disrupt Indian agri supply-chain.

That's the grand blue sky vision anyway!

Big dreams, honesty in execution, help from friends, well-wishers and all you lovely customers and with some luck I think we can make it.

So here's to new beginnings.....

And here's to breaking free
Let's chase a new horizon,
Chase who we're meant to be,
Just close your eyes and listen,
'Cause love's calling you and me,
But just see a new tomorrow,
It's who it meant to be.